Coalition building

They say the healing begins with finding common ground! Tbogg:

Forgoing professional courtesy, Al Qaeda is now threatening the banksters:

Security officials are warning the leaders of major Wall Street banks that al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen may be trying to plan attacks against those financial institutions or their leading executives.

Intelligence officials stress the threats are general in nature and there is “no indication of a targeted assassination plot” against any Wall Street executive. But has learned officials fear the names of some top banking executives have been discussed by terror operatives overseas.

Part of me is trying to avoid being cynical about this, but then another part of me knows that these same banking executives will now be demanding hazardous duty pay on top of their already bloated ill-gotten gains.

5 thoughts on “Coalition building

  1. Or…the Big Banksters planted these stories to try to get public sympathy if and when the WikiLeaks bank leaks show them to be the Malefactors of Great Wealth which they are.

    Or, Obama et al planted the stories to help their Big Bankster donors? Gotta keep the money rolling in. Planting such stories probably required cooperation of our government….

    Just too convenient.

  2. The flaw in that theory, though, is that public response is more likely to be, “I guess those al Qaeda guys aren’t all bad!”

  3. I wonder if al Qaeda would use a deck of 52 cards with bankstah pictures and rank on them? Might start some of the bankstahs to grumbling, as in ‘What?! I only made the 9 of Clubs?! I should have at least made the King of Diamonds; I’m twice the bastard that other guy is.’

  4. If true, it’s the first time I’ve heard of terrorists actually getting the correct target for their revolution. Or maybe they’ve figured out that the American government doesn’t mind them killing its regular citizens, preferring to use said attacks as political theater.

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