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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that the ‘hue and cry’ caused by revelations of secret US diplomatic cables is a challenge for the internet generation, and added that he would continue to expose “abusive organisations”.

Speaking in a recorded message to a public meeting in Melbourne on Friday, Assange said that he is desperately longing to go back to his hometown and urged his Australian supporters to take relevant action.

He further compared WikiLeaks’ push for more transparent governance to the civil rights movement of the 1950s, the peace movement of the 1960s, feminism movements and the environmental movement, The Age reports.

“For the internet generation this is our challenge and this is our time. We support a cause that is no more radical a proposition than that the citizenry has a right to scrutinise the state,” the paper quoted Assange, as saying.

“The state has asserted its authority by surveilling, monitoring and regimenting all of us, all the while hiding behind cloaks of security and opaqueness. Surely it was only a matter of time before citizens pushed back and we asserted our rights,” he told the free speech rally.

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  1. Assange keeps saying things right out of Democracy 101 — and yet Bill Keller’s voice continues to drip with condescension and scorn every time he speaks about Assange (which is quite a lot lately).

    Greg Mitchell has a daily blog noting all things WikiLeaks related. He’s on Day 69 of his endeavor as of today! Example:

    7:30 The Overnight Report (with Asher Wolf) At a live-streamed event, the Australian Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance presented Assange his journalist union membership card [jawbone: Put that in your pipes and smoke it, Holder and Obama!] (via his Australian lawyer). Assange also spoke via live-stream….The FBI raided a house in N. Eagleville, interrogated U. Conn Chem. Engineering students over suspected involvement in Anonymous DDoS attacks. Unfortunately the FBI got the wrong address, and interrogated two unconnected students. Before leaving, agents told the students that the investigation of Anonymous is second on their priority list only to child pornography….Washington Post has more on cables revealing the life of Milosevic, and a German man using the cables to sue Macedonia over alleged CIA kidnapping. (My emphasis, note, and links are at site)

    Mitchell has written a book about WikiLeaks and it was discussed at FDL Thursday.

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