One thought on “30%

  1. “The Hartford, Conn., company also said its fourth-quarter net income rose 30 percent due in part to better pricing and a slowdown in health care use that also has helped its competitors in the last few months of 2010.”

    It’s all about newer high deductible and high co-pay insurance plans. This is how the health insurers are going to stave off real reform and get out of this mess. The path to sustainability is through coercing people into not going to the doctor because, though they can afford their monthly premiums, they can’t scrape up enough money to actually go to the doctor. High deductible health insurance is to today what managed care was to the ’90’s. And the Health Care Reform Act doesn’t do a damn thing about it.

    I saw a preview of this when a study showed that people in Massachusetts went to the doctor less after their health care reform went through than before.

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