The hot spotters

This is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever read about reducing health care costs.

Basically, it’s the idea that a relative handful of patients generate a massive amount of costs because they don’t have coordinated care. I can tell you that as a new consumer of the public health care system, it’s almost designed to fail — not because people don’t care, but because the system’s designed so poorly.

3 thoughts on “The hot spotters

  1. That is the key to understanding the American Health Care System – there is no system! Except, of course, the health care prevention system that is the American health care insurance industry.

  2. I tried to get my docs, all in my HMO, to coordinate, but I have to ask one to send test results to the orther or coordinate that myself. And one or two of the docs don’t want test results for what they haven’t ordered — even if it’s the same tests!

    Gradually, I was able to get my visits requiring similar tests coordinated, but it was all my doing. No help from the insurance parasite or the docs.

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