2 thoughts on “Brrr

  1. I was going to go into Manhattan. I had my Metrocard. At an intermediate stop I discovered I didn’t have my wallet so I turned around and came home. It’s cold out there; not as windy as it was yesterday but it is cold.

  2. I was talking to a phone rep in southern OK yesterday, and her weather is far worse than it is here and they are not prepared for any real cold, much less extended cold weather. They had deep snows, no plows! Now getting another heavy dose.

    The worst that happened is that her water meter froze, burst the pipes, and was not fixed for 6 days. So, no water for 6 days.

    I truly felt for her. It was like hearing about all the outside water pipes in Ireland freezing. Heretofore, they did not get extended cold either, so it was normal building practice to put the water piped on the outside of houses. Many, many houses, both old and new construction, experienced burst pipes.

    Climate change is a bitch, whether Republicans believe in it or not.

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