I wrote about this young Arizona couple before, but I can’t find the original link. They’ve only been married a short time and are dealing with the husband being diagnosed with a brain tumor, loss of income, problems keeping the house, etc. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was pretty horrific.

Anyway, the wife sent me a lovely thank you note because I sent her a book from her Amazon wish list. (She’d said she didn’t have enough money for anything, let alone books, and to a compulsive reader like me, that was unthinkable. So I sent her one.)

I think it would be an amazing kindness if some of you did the same. Here’s the link for the wish list. If you can, let them know another human being was thinking of them today.

3 thoughts on “Mitzvah

  1. Susie, I noticed the comic series my husband drew, Sir Apropos of Nothing, was on their wish list. I’d love to send them autographed copies of the whole series; could you have them email me, please?

  2. I don’t have their email, but somewhere in this pile on my desk is their snail mail address. As soon as I find it, I’ll get it to you.

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