One thought on “Standing with democracy!

  1. Live blogging here:

    BREAKING 10:10AM AJ Anch: AP, the Senior Army commander from Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) says to the protesters that “all of their demand will be met.” AJ sources confirm. No official word. 10:47AM NBC says Mub to step down. 10:56AM Reuters, decision tonight. Lots of excitement and motion at the elite level, for sure! Still no official word. 11:03AM “Tonight” from many sources. 11:05AM Semi-official Al Ahram says NDP Secretary General will ask Mub to step down in favor of Sul; there are Constitutional complexities, however, that affect the timing of elections, and could also permit transfer of power to military. 11:12AM No troop movements in TS. 11:16AM Conflicting reports on Mub’s status, but convergence on that his absence from the SCAF, and that the Defense Minister chaired the meeting, means that he’s no longer at the head of the chain of command, and therefore a goner. 11:18AM Reuters, State TV reports that Mub will speak tonight. Nobody knows whether live or recorded. Presidential fleet of planes and helicopters not mobilized. 12:30PM Mub speech will be live, says AJ. In other words, Mub has not left [Not good news. –lambert] 12:57PM Obama: “We’re going to have to wait and see what’s going on.”

    Bottom line seems to be (as of now) that a transfer of power will take place, but whether to Suleiman or the military is not clear, and if to the military, whether a clean transition to civil authority, or not, is not clear.

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