5 thoughts on “As expected

  1. The MCM is not discussing the coordinated Repub effort to destroy public employee unions and to legislate away their collective bargaining rights. The MCMers are spouting the accepted Versailles line that public employees are all overpaid and have too many benefits. It’s what the Very Serious People say nowadays.

    So, maybe a flash of video about some students marching or some human interest thing like that, but no real coverage with any depth.

    Which might be for the best — our MCMers are pretty lacking in the ability to handle issues in any depth which reflects anything remotely liberal.

  2. Oh, worse. Katie Couric showed pictures of the rallies, but she described the participants as upset that Governor Walker wanted them to make concessions and pay more for their health care and pensions.

    Now, most casual viewers would hear that and say “Hell, that’s nothing new. My company’s been doing that for years. Public workers can do that.”

    She didn’t mention anything about his attempt to ban collective bargaining for those employees.

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