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  1. me too, suze…….i was with my ex, the late, great sereeta wright who, at the time (when he recorded ‘superwoman’), was being courted by stevie. they later married and stevie helped co-produce several popular recordings with her, and she did some solo stuff as well. her voice is extremely prominant on “signed, sealed, delivered’. sadly, sereeta passed early this decade. she was loved by many, including me, and lord knows, we all miss her dearly.

  2. Yes, I not only knew her, we were long-time friends and lovers! She had a voice that would make Whitney Houston stop and listen. When we were on the skids romatically, she took me over to Stevie’s apartment in Detroit to meet him, and boy was HE ever gracious and kind—long before he made the big dough.

    I recall that in ’68 or ’69 Syretta called to ask if I’d like to attend the Motown Revue with her. At first, I flat out declined the offer b/c the line to get in ALWAYS would literally circle the entire block at the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, and it, of course, is freezing during any given Xmas week. Not knowing how hooked in Syretta had become in Motown circles, I didn’t realize that she had stage door hookups.

    Anyway, yeah, what a show it was (name ANY Motown artist from that period–including Smokie, Marvin, The Supremes, Gladys Knight, The Temps, The 4 Tops, and of course Little Stevie Wonder; they were ALL there performing). I’ll never forget the back-stage honor Syretta provided for me—-and sitting in Stevie’s dressing room watching him prepare for his performance was incredible!!! He must have had 8-10 young women doing everything from shining his shoes, manicuring his nails,. rubbing his back, you name it………….I was green with envy and have cherished those moments very much….as you can see! What a time those days were for a poor kid who couldn’t (and can’t) carry a tune or play an instrument.

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