Pizza love for protesters

Union hospital workers donate pizza to the Madison protesters.

From yesterday’s Wisconsin forum on Democratic Underground:

Ian’s Pizza on State St. heads to the battlestations!

People have been calling in pizza orders to Ian’s on State St. all week from the around the country to have them delivered to protesters in the the Capitol rotunda. Today, it reached critical mass. I read this from a local Facebook friend (who I also saw today at the Square):

“Ian’s Pizza on State has shut down operations to the public and is now only taking donation orders for pizza’s for the protesters. They have received pizza order donations from across the US, Eygpt, Europe – all around the world – to support the protesters. Unbelievable!”

They apparently already have enough orders to deliver to the Rotunda to keep them busy all night. Keep in mind that this is a Saturday night, already one of their busiest.

2 thoughts on “Pizza love for protesters

  1. Wow. I’ve read about this at several blogs and think it is just incredible. The protesters may get tired of piazza but they know that people are supporting them. Of course in a day or so, they may need other forms of help and support but this long distance ordering of food is just incredible.

  2. I hope they’re sprinkling metamucil on that pizza.
    Pizza’s not very high in fiber.

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