“This is not about a budget crisis.”

Also, David “Fluffy” Gregory got hisself worked up into a snit and asked Trumka if he would disavow the protesters who compared Scott Walker TO HITLER!!! (hyperventilate, clutch pearls, hyperventilate..)

Even though, uh, Hitler banned the unions. See a connection there, Fluffer?

2 thoughts on “Trumka

  1. funny how “stretch” couldn’t get aroused when the tea party
    people had all those racist and Hitler signs at their rallies.
    I don’t recall him asking Republicans to condemn them.
    I note with interest Boehner campaigned for Iott who had
    this love affair with playing SS-dress up

  2. Typically, I only watch the Sunday shows by reading The Bobblespeak Translations. Then I can take my own decoder ring off.

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