3 thoughts on “Job trends

  1. I’m not real impressed since it’s a continuation of the trend of the loss of middle class jobs replaced with slave class jobs.

  2. Dakinikat posted the great Calculated Risk chart on job losses, comparing all the post-WWII recessions. Our current one is deeper and longer…how much longer? Especially if those Republicans and Obama get to work on slashing the social safety nets?

    According to Digby, Andrea Mitchell was giddy with delight that SocSec, Medicare, and Medicaid would face cuts.

    If these people get their way, the living standards of everyone not in the wealthy group will be adversely affected.

    Way to go, Big O!! How’s that rolling over for the Repubs workin’ out for ya? It’s pretty dismal for us here, under that bus where you threw us….

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