Doc Martin

When the sheer volume and velocity of right-wing shamelessness gets me down, I turn to my Roku. For the past few days, I’m been immersed in the Netflix adventures of BBC’s “Doc Martin,” about a high-powered London surgeon who takes a job in a seaside Cornish village after he develops a blood phobia. It’s your typical “fish out of water” plot, with the addition of the main character’s strong Asperger-like traits. (“Monk” in Cornwall!) And of course there’s some sexual tension between the new doc and the village schoolteacher.

The main thing, though, is the absolutely breathtaking scenery. It’s like being on vacation.

P.S. If you want to watch it, it’s free on And I just found out Craig Ferguson is one of the creators.

5 thoughts on “Doc Martin

  1. I just finished the whole series on Netflix – its a hoot. And I spent all my childhood summers a few miles up the coast from Port Isaac where it was filmed so it was like being back in kiddie paradise. BTW the reason that part of the country is so beautiful is that land around the villages was purchased by the National Trust back around 1950, so pretty much nothing has been built there for 60 years. Crackington Haven where my granny lived looks like something out of an old movie – nothing new. Pretty cool, eh? All that terrible government interference in the private market. Of course real estate prices are out of reach of anyone except the rich which makes it difficult for local kids to stay in their communities.

  2. Suze, I’ve always wondered how in the hell you handeled all the bullshit so calmly. I mean, damn, you read and write about the liars day in and out…………..Thank God for folks like you! BTW, my donation is forthcoming…………..hang tough girlfriend!

  3. I caught an episode of the show somewhere and liked it. Thanks for the information. Now I can find it and watch more of it.

  4. Love, love, love “Doc Martin”! I watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and thought it was a great series. I had gone through all 3 seasons of “Kingdom” with Stephen Fry on Hulu and was disappointed there were no more, then I discovered “Doc Martin.” (I was glad they replaced the receptionist after Season 1.)

    Netflix has Martin Clunes in “Men Behaving Badly,” which is okay, and I may rent “William and Mary.”

  5. In the two days since I read this post, I have become completely addicted to this. So thank you?

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