5 thoughts on “Earthquakes

  1. Yeah k, that graph seems to indicate that humanity is in for a helluva lot more quakes, tidal waves, etc. as Mother Earth fights back: She’s fucking tired of being over-heated, over-used, abused and mistreated!

  2. There are many good reasons to oppose oil drilling, gas drilling, and all the rest of the stuff we do that will (I believe) kill us off before we destroy our beloved planet and all the creatures within.
    Earthquakes aren’t one of them.

    We human do not cause earthquakes with our ultimately pathetic attempts to to penetrate the earth’s crust and thereby make a comfortable living on the surface.

    The earth moves. Ir’s been moving for eons, and compared to the tectonic shocks that threw up the Himalayas, the Sierra Nevada, and dug the great rift valley that stretches from Kenya to Israel, compared to the volcanic eruptions that turned Thera in the Mediterranean into a caldera…This current earthquake is a piker.

    Under the surface, the Earth is cooling. This process causes earthquakes, same as the annual expansion of ice under the roads
    of Rochester, New York-and the subsequent melting-causes potholes.

    That’s our misfortune. We live on a planet that can shrug thousands
    of us off in half a minute, as we have for quite a awhile, and we still quite seem to get used to it.

  3. am i a terrible person for hoping it’s the new madrid fault that ruptures first?

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