Anonymous leaks are here

It’s here. The first Anonymous leak from an ex-Bank of America employee has been released, so have at it. (Here’s a Google docs version here.)

Here’s a sample:

How is Balboa able to charge such inflated premiums and get away with it?
It’s all very simple.

First, when you call in to customer service, for say, GMAC, you’re not actually speaking to a GMAC employee. You’re actually speaking to a Bank of America associate working for Balboa Insurance who is required by their business to business contract with GMAC to state that they are, in fact, an employee of GMAC. The reasoning is that if you do not realize you’re speaking to a Bank of America/Balboa Insurance employee, you have no reason to question the validity of the information you are receiving from them. If you call your insurance agent and ask them for the lienholder information for your GMAC/Wells Fargo/etc lien (home or auto) you will be provided with their name, but the mailing address will be a PO Box at one of Balboa’s 3 main tracking locations (Moon Township/Coreaopolis, PA, Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, or Phoenix/Chandler, AZ)

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  1. That explains a lot, and makes me laugh too. Last year I had to walk away from a house I bought in late 2000 because the neighborhood became too dangerous. GMAC kept calling to urge me to do a short sale or loan mod. My lawyer told me it was okay to do a short sale if I got written agreement from GMAC not to pursue a deficiency judgement. When I refused to do a short sale without such written protection, the guy on the phone just melted down and screamed and screamed at me. So maybe it was BofA I stood up to instead of GMAC. Makes sense.

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