3 thoughts on “Do you think the poor are lazy?

  1. Reminds me of a recording made famous by Sam Cooke, ‘Change Is Gonna Come’ (someday).

  2. Too bad the writer didn’t use more examples of what difference language to use and come up with usable examples….

    Also, metaphorical language is so embedded in us that it is difficult to change how speak talk/think. We on the left don’t have a FOX News to use new phraseology to help change the national way of speaking and thinking.

  3. Well, yes, because if we say no, we don’t believe they are lazy, then that might mean we possess the same shiftless characteristics as poor people and we might be one of them. That’s the way people think because we’ve been conditioned from childhood to believe that poor people are less capable and less deserving than the rest of us. It’s absolute, pure bullshit, but that tape runs in all our heads and until we get rid of that, the question can never be settled. I had a great aunt who was very rich. She supported my mother and brothers when my father abandoned us. This was the 50’s. My mother was a June Cleaver homemaker. She was an artist, but my father didn’t want her to work, so she stayed home and raised her children. My father didn’t pay a dime of child support, so I guess by those standards we were poor. My rich great aunt “took us in.” I asked my rich great aunt why she just didn’t give my mother money instead of buying groceries, etc.. Her reply? Because poor people shouldn’t have money. They don’t know how to handle it. My mother came from the same family as my rich great aunt and that family was not poor by any means. Yet because my aunt married money, had it and my mother didn’t, she considered herself more worthy, more capable, more deserving. That conditioning is alive today.

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