2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Where I grew up in SE Wisconsin I could always see the Milky Way, unless we went to Milwaukee where the street lights and other light sources blanched the sky.

    I missed seeing it when I moved out here to northern NJ.

    But, when I went to visit family out in Lake Country west of Milwaukee I could still see it.

    Until about 10 or so years ago when the population began booming, mostly with high priced McMansions. For some reason people who buy those houses think it’s just wonderful to have flood lights illuminating their houses all or most of the night. I had thought there was some of mall springing up in what I thought was residential and farm land. Nope, it was just an expensive new subdivision, with almost every house’s front light up big time.

    Plus, strip malls have radiated out from all the main intersections with I-94. Yes, it’s more convenient to shop, but at what price?

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