5 thoughts on “Is sugar toxic?

  1. No it’s not. Whee, more crackpot half-baked “science”. Sugar is not “toxic” it is a necessary element in sustaining life. Heh, like to see how quickly Loonisteig would croak without any sugar- that means no fruits and cutting a number of veggies as well that have sugar in them. He sounds like some crazy fundie preacher, anybody who that rants and raves about something essential to life and health being evil and toxic is no scientist. Heck the writer, who admits he holds some of the same crackpot opinions, admits this dude is lying. Now if he had calmly talked about how processed sugar and corn syrup have so much garbage done to it that the lasting negative effects outweigh the transitory benefits, then he’d be speaking factually- but the majority of Americans are at least somewhat aware of this, so he wouldn’t get the attention his ravings do.

  2. Yeah. Whatever. I know that if I consume more than a minimal amount of sugar, every joint in my body hurts. If I eat a pound of grapes, I am not constipated. I don’t need anybody to do the math for me.

  3. k, I don’t have that problem. Most people don’t report joint pain when they consume artificial sugar. My sister gets migraines when she drinks coffee. I don’t; I’m guessing the commenters here don’t. Is coffee toxic? No, it’s bad for my sister.

    Grapes also have a significant amount of sugar in them. They just have relatively smaller amounts of sugar coupled with a lot of fiber and water–and in “a pound,” the amount isn’t that much smaller.

    If he wanted to argue that processed sugar, especially in the usual amounts that make sweetened processed foods so irresistible, is bad for you, that’s one thing. But when he says that sugar is bad for you, he’s saying something else. Given America’s manichean relationship with food, fixation on soundbites, and demonstrated willingness to adopt harmful restrictive practices, I think his rhetoric is reckless at best and cynical at worst. I’ve already seen at least one diet columnist telling her readers to give up fruit if they want to lose more weight.

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