Geek alert

Go for it, dudes and dudettes!

A month’s supply of pizza and Mountain Dew. A 15″-screen MacBook Pro. A 27″ Apple LED video display. An iPad 2. A $300 gift card. That’s the top prize a group of Philadelphia software developers are offering for the best Linux, Python, Nginx, Memcache, Django, and other open-source application submitted by developers living within 60 miles of Philadelphia City Hall .

Monetate, the Center City website traffic-tracking site, is sponsoring the contest, and Monetate engineering boss Tom Janofsky and architecture director Jeffrey Persch have recurited founder Gabe Weinberg, Digg turned SimpleGeo ceo Jay Adelson, Chariot Solutions consulting boss Don Coleman, Algorithmics software chief Aaron Feng, Facebook apps specialist Alexey Komissarouk, BankSimple co-founder Alex Payne as judges.

Yes, all those guys have local ties; and yes, software is a Made in Philadelphia product; and there will be more; and that’s the point. It’s part of Philly Tech Week. More at