Taking it to the streets

People keep asking me what we should do. Go read the rest of this:

Corporations are creating an environment that is favorable to them but harmful to most Americans. Our job is to figure out how to turn this scenario on its head, to decrease their security so we can win greater opportunity and security for the rest of us, lifting the bottom, growing the middle and holding the top in check–just as we did for most of the 20th century.

Creating massive insecurity for Wall Street, corporations and the super-rich is a precondition for fixing the economy and country. There can be no new “social contract,” no “new New Deal,” no comprehensive legislation that allows workers to organize and no limits to corporate power as long as corporate CEOs feel insulated from the suffering they cause.

At first blush this sounds a little crazy. It runs counter to the message many economists and politicians bombard us with every day in the media. Their claim is that businesses aren’t investing, jobs aren’t being created and the housing market isn’t stabilizing because the corporate community needs greater certainty and predictability. These same people would argue that Obama and the Democrats need to be more business-friendly. Yet, Corporate America already has record profits and cash on hand. In short: the best of all worlds.

They know far better than we do that their hold on power is dependent on our acquiescence to their false premises and pseudo-free market ideology. Therefore we must directly challenge them in the streets so that they have more to lose by ignoring the public interest than by accepting real change.

Go on, read it.

One thought on “Taking it to the streets

  1. This is a quote from an AP story I saw this morning, the first AP story I have seen that does not follow the corporate line and actually pushes on the disconnect between the elites and the people. Notice how Obama drags the discussion back to the deficit even when confronted directly by a voter on the issue of unemployment.

    “At the beginning of your term you spent a lot of time talking about job creation and the road to economic recovery,” the questioner told the president. “Since then, we’ve seen the conversation shift from that of job creation and economic recovery to that of spending cuts and the deficit.”

    “I would love to know your thoughts on how you’re going to balance these two going forward, or even potentially shift the conversation back,” she added.

    Obama said that unless lawmakers get the country’s long-term finances under control, more immediate economic gains could prove difficult.

    “If we don’t have a serious plan to tackle the debt and the deficit, that could actually end up being a bigger drag on the economy than anything else,” Obama said.

    Clearly the man has only one thing on his mind, and it is not the unemployed of America. He has got to go.

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