Today I got an email from Groupon for $150 off wall murals.

To get a wall mural that would fit the wall behind my bed would be a mere $771! Now, this is a pet peeve of mine that goes ‘way back to when women used to have home parties to sell framed posters that went for a similar price. Here it is: Why would you spend all that money on a reproduction of some generic graphic piece when you could buy a real painting from a real artist, and support the arts?

And who knows, it might one day pay off. I have a student painting I bought for $300 while the artist was in high school. He’s now doing very well, has had several NYC shows and is represented by a top gallery. His work is now priced in the thousands.

Not that I’d ever sell his painting, but it’s kind of cool to know he’s doing so well.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I was in field school, the guy who was student assistant was also an artist. He, his wife and his daughter were living in his tent because the school was taking their sweet time paying him for his teaching work. He went around to us all selling his works for $15 to $25. Unfortunately at the time I was as broke as he was. Since then he’s become quite famous, his works on display in museums in NY and DC worth 10’s of thousands. Ain’t life a bitch. It just goes to show ya, those that can take advantage of opportunities like that are the people who already have money.

  2. Yeah, ain’t that the truth. Years ago when I was in art school I was offered a vintage Edward Weston Pepper #30 for $250 from a gallery owner, but money was so tight that my gas money was timed to get me to the gas station as my car was sputtering. Later another friend offered me an Ansel Adams Moonrise for $1500. Same situation and it wasn’t long before that print was selling for $50K! This was a nice Moonrise also. I seen a lot of prints and the quality does vary a bit.

    A great deal is only a great deal if you happen to have the money to swing it!

  3. Yes! Me too. The few things I have hanging on the walls are all from local artists I know personally. I don’t imagine they are going to appreciate, but they are fine pieces of work and I enjoy them a lot. I just love knowing the person who did the picture and having a sense of its history.

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