4 thoughts on “Rain dance

  1. Wanna switch weather?????
    Here in the SF Bay Area we haven’t seen any nice weather, aside from a week or so in January. We’re lucky if we hit the sixties.
    One rainstorm today, another bigger one tomorrow, yet another bigger one over the weekend!! Truly unheard of around here.
    People are thinking whether we’re turning into a Seattle, for christ’s sake!
    Granted, I personally will take this weather over a heatwave (like you’re having?) anytime, but still. Sheesh. It’s supposed to be dry and at least 15-20 degrees warmer here. The other day I had to turn the heat on!!! In May!!! In California!!!!

  2. Btw – Rick Perry will join you in that ‘Pray for Rain’ dance, although it might be a tad too un-christian for him…haha.
    He seriously IS praying for rain though!

  3. supposedly getting rain tomorrow, and perhaps thursday as well.
    i really don’t want a repeat of last year. it was miserable, and wreaked havoc on our tomatoes.

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