2 thoughts on “Your librul media

  1. Susie, if i had magic powers I’d pull a Freaky Friday and put you in Ruth’s position and put her in yours.

    My feeling is you’d continue to produce great content, as you’ve done despite poverty, unemployment, and depression, while Ruth would be totally fucked because she’s had it so easy for so long. She has no idea how to navigate the food stamp application. She probably has no idea how to apply for unemployment.
    My bet, frankly, is that Ruth would actually die.

  2. Ruth is a bought and paid up (in service to the MOTU’s) member of the Very Serious People of our political discourse. She knows how to stay within the bounds of the permitted talkingpoints. And, if she’s wrong, she’s been wrong on the right side, which means she remains a Very Serious Person and thus worthy of a column in Pravda on the Potomac, appearances on NewsHour and other Very Serious MCM programs, plus the big salary and benefits.

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