One thought on “Thunder in the morning

  1. I guess I don’t pay attention very well. I didn’t realize you are in town. I live here. The summers here are the nicest I’ve ever seen anywhere. Even in this weather the state looks pretty.

    If you’re around on Saturday, check out the farmer’s market (312 East Lyndale Avenue). Everyone should go there to hear Bad Sax. That’s Mrs DBK’s and my nickname for a street musician who can be found at the Minneapolis farmer’s market on Saturdays. Worst sax player ever. Has to be heard to be believed.

    Also, the brats are great there, as is the roasted corn dipped in butter. There’s some other food there, but the brats and roasted corn are the two I like best. Or just pick up a tray of sugar snap peas fresh from the farm, open the pods, and eat ’em like candy.

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