4 thoughts on “UK June 30th strike

  1. If you have a job, you want to keep it, AND have no time for street protest. If you don’t have a job and need one, you are afraid that you will be arrested and don’t have the money to deal with those legal issues, or even blacklisted AND/OR most people don’t know enough about the economy and politics to give a rat’s ass about it, let alone figure out the reasons that we need to rise up in protest!
    I know I am afraid of the police state we now live in (with good reason from my past experience with it – I’m convinced there is a big fat dossier on me somewhere!)

  2. We believe too much in the electoral strategy which is a sham – 2 capitalist parties are presented as “choices”.
    Watch the 5 minute video “Mouseland” on Youtube.

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