The next wave of multi-national goodness

Privatizing water supplies for profit. We do not currently pay for water in the U.S., contrary to popular belief; we pay for water treatment. You are assessed a fee based on how much water you use, and it’s the estimated cost of treating it so it can be used for drinking, cooking, etc.

This would be above and beyond. Trust me, in a time of global warning, the fight won’t be over oil but water.

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  1. Here in my state, the West Virginia – American Water company has been asking for 10% to 15% rate increases each year over the last several years. They say they need to money to generate enough profits (over 10% profit) to “attract investors”. This year they got a 4% increase instead of 14%. Now they say that without the increase they need to layoff 31 employees to cut their cost and make up for failing to get the rate increase. The WV Public Service Commission has ordered them to rescind the layoffs. They claim that the PSC does not have the authority to make them do that, and that the employees have already been terminated. It is quite a little power struggle, and it is not yet over.

  2. With little protest, many communities around Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania have sold their entire public water systems to Aqua America, a publicly-traded company formerly known as Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. Private ownership of water is already here.

  3. I heard something about Utah ticketing people for collecting rainwater. Was that here?

  4. I did a post about that but I don’t remember if it was Utah. The western states all have water laws like that, I’m told.

  5. Re: k. Western water law: Natural river flows are totally allocated in most western states. Like everywhere else, river flows are the result of precipitation, snow and rainfall. Capturing water can be interpreted as stealing it, if you can’t prove you have a ‘right’ to that water. In New Mexico, just a few years ago, we had an ‘entrepreneur’ stake a claim on water in the clouds. The claim was ultimately thrown out . . . but one never knows in the west. “The fight won’t be over oil but water” – Everyone who works in water resources management has been saying this for the past 20 years and longer.

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