No support for second term

You’d think voters would figure out that no matter how bad the Democrats are, they can’t hold a candle to the Republican anti-worker agenda:

More than half of New Jersey residents say they wouldn’t back Governor Chris Christie for a second term, disapproving of his choices on a range of policy and personal issues, from killing a commuter tunnel to using a state-police helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game.

Teachers, whose union Christie has targeted on tenure, pay and benefits, received a far higher favorable rating, 76 percent, than the first-term Republican himself, who had support from 43 percent, according to a Bloomberg New Jersey poll conducted June 20-23.

“Teachers I know got laid off because of him,” Fred Lavin, 61, a poll respondent from Toms River who is troubleshooter for an electronics company, said in a June 24 telephone interview. “He’s not in favor of the average working person.”

2 thoughts on “No support for second term

  1. but, but, but…. the Republicans are for lower taxes. For going on 40 years, tax rates are the only issue that matters. And people don’t think.

    I’m as tired as anyone voting for the lesser evil but I guess I’ll be doing until I die.

  2. Jesus Christ with a mullet! And this wasn’t crystal clear in 2010 when they elected the son of a bitch?!

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