Mine’s bigger

Sure, why not? It’s not as if there’s real people on the other end of those numbers:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) announced Wednesday that Democrats had finally reached an agreement on a budget plan.

His announcement came as the leadership met with President Obama to inform him that their members had unified around a message for the debt-limit showdown.

Conrad’s proposal, which he said he plans to introduce as soon as next week, would cut more than $4 trillion from the deficit, a greater reduction than what Obama’s fiscal commission had recommended.
“We’ve reached an agreement after weeks of work,” Conrad told The Hill on Wednesday afternoon. “I think it’s big.”

3 thoughts on “Mine’s bigger

  1. “The deal cannot cut Medicare benefits or slash Medicaid.”

    But it can reduce Medicare increases below the cost of living, and it might “trim” Medicaid and offer the governors more “flexibility” in what they will cover.

    Once this is on the table it will become the new status quo from which more cuts will be demanded. When you are dealing with crazy people you have to understand that they will never stop until they get everything they want. Giving them an inch at a time is not the tactic to use.

    I would dare them to stop the government and then if they did, hang it around their necks.

  2. And, while I am thinking about it, why is the President willing and able to defy the congress on the war in Libya, but not on the debt ceiling?

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