2 thoughts on “Nurses speak out

  1. Makes me glad not to be a woman. I don’t believe in having babies anyhow. I think the human race should just be allowed to die out and then allow the earth to heal from all the damage we have done.

  2. I guess I take the opposite view. The amount of intervention I got was minimal and in retrospect, it could have been very serious for me. My BP was so high I could have had a stroke and I hemorrhaged afterwards. But no c section for me. No siree. It didn’t matter that nothing was working, including the so-called epidural that didn’t relieve any pain. I screamed my head off until the bloody end with my dysfunctional plumbing and had enough tubing in both arms that I looked like some kind of resurrecting android from battlestar galactica. The stuff they gave me to stop the bleeding interfered with the stuff they gave me to bring down my blood pressure and I spent two extra days in the hospital trying to figure out where the hell I was. On top of that, it was a catholic hospital, which meant I was screwed in the event that the urgency turned into an emergency. That wasn’t back in the dark ages. That was only 15 years ago and I was not an older mom.
    So, if intervention is abuse, bring it on. There some people who could have used it. Everyone’s experience is different.

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