One thought on “Why teens are unemployed

  1. Looks like that famous firewall between the WSJ’s reporting and editorial pages has been burnt down. It never really existed anyway, as was reported in the pages of “[MORE]”, the alternative journalism review, back in 1970. Dow Jones peonage was just that, back then; now it’s been replaced by News Corp (Murdoch) peonage.

    Interesting, however, how Bonddad argues that the decimation of Boomer retirement funds has caused the 55+ workers to stay in the workforce, thus not freeing up hourly jobs for teens. On the other hand, a lot of us 55+ boomers have been cashiered and laid off, with little prospect of ever working again, in full-time, career-track positions.

    We all know who caused this. I think it’s time to blow up Wall Street, burn down the gated communities, and setup rows of gallows for the hedge fund managers.

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