6 thoughts on “Kafkaesque

  1. I truly feel for the guy. I think Chase owes him a lot of money and the state needs to look into the matter (although I doubt it matter). Cashier’s check are supposed to be like, well, cash.

    I recently deposited a cashier’s check. It didn’t clear for FIVE days. I had to ask the branch manager to approve a transfer of enough funds so I could pay my back monthly charges and avoid eviction. The teller told me — with a totally straight face — “Well, the check could be bad and if we released all the money to you, we’d be out the money then!”

  2. I got the same line when I tried to cash a cashier’s check from a house settlement. It was issued by the same bank I was trying to cash it from.

  3. First thing I thought was, “Black man presented the check.”
    I see I was right. We are doomed.

  4. This is such bullshit.
    Checks clear after the push of a few computer keys. It’s not like they’ve got to put it on a horse and send it 900 miles to the territorial capital for approval, then get the cash delivered by government mule. Thieving bank-tards. And if we get uppity, they give us more trouble. That’s why I fired my bank.

  5. He committed CACWB*, which is a crime in some places.
    *cashing a check while black

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