If you’re a teacher

Or know one, you need to see this.

As Lisa Guisbond said, “this is an amazing video from the Aspen Ideas Festival in which Stand For Children’s Jonah Edelman explains how he, with the support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Arne Duncan’s senior advisor Jo Anderson (former Executive Director of the IEA) outfoxed the CTU, the IFT and the IEA’s Ken Swanson and Audrey Soglin into agreeing to Senate Bill 7.”

For those who still believe that there is any way to trust, negotiate with, compromise with, or have any dealings with Ed Deform in any way that does not demand complete capitulation to the ed deformers, watch this video. Play it at your next union meeting, share it with the world.

We do know some of what goes on at the Aspen Ideas Festival besides getting a chance to smell and touch sewer rats like Rupert Murdoch. Here is a great example of massive ego mixed with manipulative glee that was posted and quickly pulled from the Aspen site, but not before Fred Klonsky captured a copy for the world to see and hear.

In this Machiavellian masterpiece, we see Jonah Edelman of Stand for Children infamy (list of donors here) describe in great detail how great wads of hedge-fund and other corporate cash came to bear on the last legislative election in Illinois, how all the best lobbyists were bought up by Deform (including minority ones), how unions were outspent and how politicians followed the money, how teacher unions were lured to the table and how they were totally manhandled by the best lawyers and negotiators that money can buy, how union leaders became complicit, scared, weak, groveling.

Hear how Karen Lewis, head of Chicago Teachers Union was made a fool of, how she gave up the right to strike with less than a 75% strike vote (something that has never happened, as Jonah notes). Hear how Lewis gave the Deformer lawyers free rein to work out the details on a terrible agreement. As Jonah swaggers, “We got to decide all the fine print.” In those details is the insurance needed to impose the same IMPACT teacher eval plan that DC has.

[…]Some quotable quotes:

“There’s a high squirm factor” about the way they bought and paid for Illinois Democratic legislative leaders.

“We’re already getting going. We’re doing this level of work in every state. ..In Washington state, same goal. We could readily outspend the WEA. MA, very similar. It might be a ballot measure in WA. If might be we have a ballot measure on the ballot in MA, and we use it as a lever.

“By the end of this decade we’re going to have ended seniority-based decision making in education in this country. It’s not enough to ensure better outcomes, but it’s certainly something that has been long overdue.”

“If you have a longer day but terrible teachers, that doesn’t do anything. It’s about performance management. It’s boring, it’s not a silver bullet. Brizard has to hire a lot of really good superintendent level people. They’ve got to evaluate their principals rigorously and create pipelines of quality principals. More people would want to be principals because not only do they have the accountability but they have the authority.”

“The Tribune was fantastic. They probably wrote more than 10 supportive editorials. Sun Times was good. We had a lot of downstate editorial support.”

“Wisconsin was a problem, but we were able to do a side by side comparison to say the unions mantra that this was a Wisconsin style attack was baloney.”

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  1. This morning I learned that the Kos website has a feature that helps folks organize to get laws changed locally. That’s where my efforts can do some good, so that’s the place to put my energy.

    Beyond that, I agree with Jamie Galbraith and Jane Jacobs that we have a dark age ahead and the big thing is to document what we have been and what is being lost. Guess the idea is to leave as much as we can to help the people who will rebuild after we are gone.

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