4 thoughts on “Yep

  1. It’s always so incredible to hear what the oligarchs define as “sacrifice”—who was the Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome burned?

  2. “…even if it requires some tough sacrifices on my part…”

    Used in the context of the quote, “sacrifices” means giving away something that is dear to working/middle class people.

    It sure wouldn’t be anything of importance to the ruling classes.

  3. My estimated Social Security benefit is $1700 a month or $20,000 year, based on earnings through 2008. I believe it’s time for people to actually talk about what the SSA says their benefit is likely to be. If I work to age 72 (HA!), the benefit rises to around $2,300 a month. (I might have actually tried for that but I’ve been unemployed for 32 months now… )

    The presidential lifetime pension is way north of that and he will probably be found a nice, secure, of counsel position wherein he is paid a seven-figure amount. (Talk about double-dipping!) Sacrifice, Sir, what sacrifice.

  4. Yeah, I’m guessing Obama’s sacrifice will be that a bunch of 66-year-olds can die when they can’t get healthcare. Not that he’s agreed to spend the first 10 years of his post-presidency cleaning bed pans for $10 an hour instead of getting huge pay days from Wall Street.

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