3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. “continued teaching of penmanship and handwriting in schools” Since when? Neither of my kids got 1 minute of penmanship in school.

  2. Not sure I buy this after a certain age/proficiency level. I use an iPad with pogo stick to take notes and find them indispensable. But now that I have hypergraphia, I find the keyboard has become an extension of my hand and the words flow down my arm from my brain effortlessly. Er, that’s what it feels like anyway. At some point, I am oblivious to how the words got written. The mechanics are unimportant.
    So, handwriting for notes, keyboarding for anything else. It works.
    My 15 year old is a keyboarder as well and just finished taking honors English 11 as a freshman. The keyboard didn’t cramp her style at all.

  3. I am old enough to have lived through several stages of technology that produced words, music and photographs in various formats which are now obsolete and inaccessible, e.g. two kinds of floppy discs, three or four styles of video tape (including important TV programs on two inch quadriplex video tape), vinyl records, reel to reel and cassette tape, and photographic film. I have important stuff in boxes in my attic which are useless. I live with the anxiety that someday all this electronic stuff will be turned off. One day, when it suits them they will turn off the internet. I keep plenty of paper, pens and books just in case.

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