Bikeless in Philadelphia — again!

I rarely blog about myself. I prefer the veneer of fiction when it comes to personal matters, so when my bicycle was stolen Monday, I blogged about the thieves in business and government who prosper at the expense of the poor and near-poor.

But I’m still angry about my bike…

One thought on “Bikeless in Philadelphia — again!

  1. Oh, you do have my sympathy.

    Two years ago I found a great Raleigh frame, 10 speed in incredibly good condition. Deep sparkling copper. Really neat. I got it for a really good price at a rummage sale.

    I used it a couple weeks, and on a Sunday, late morning, went for a ride. Then I went to help a friend move, leaving the bike in my driveway pretty much out of sight.

    When I came back it had been stolen. The police kind of laughed at me when I reported it stolen….

    I still miss it!

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