2 thoughts on “74-26

  1. Bravo to my two NJ senators, Menendez and Lautenberg, who voted NO. And Brava to Gillibrand who voted NO!

    I’m beginning to really like this junior NY senator. Of course, I haven’t followed her closely enough to know if she’s disappointed on lib issues….

  2. All but five democrats in the Senate voted for this, and half the democrats in the House. Without them, it would not have passed.

    Anybody who thinks that in some way the other side will be appeased needs to be awakened to reality. All that came out of this for our side was some kind of commitment to a cut in military spending, and they are set about to breaking that issue. They are already invoking Armageddon.

    “Can you imagine anything more irresponsible than for the commander in chief of the military to promote, not just promote, but insist on the knowing destruction of the U.S. military as a means to threaten Congress?” Kyl asked in a speech on the Senate floor shortly before he voted for the legislation.

    Although he backed the bill, Kyl said it came close to violating the oath of office for lawmakers as well as the president’s responsibilities as commander in chief.

    “We will need to work very hard to restore spending necessary for our national security and commit to reject the threat of Armageddon inserted into this bill by the White House,” Kyl said.

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