I was talking to one of our old neighbors at the wedding yesterday, a guy who was the CFO of a mid-size law firm. He got laid off last week — at the age of 61.

“Bastards,” I said, shaking my head.

He and his wife were telling me how angry and upset they were at how little Obama was doing to help the economy and get people working again. His wife was worried about health care — she said the policy through his job already had a $6K deductible.

All these middle-class people who did everything right, played by the rules and got screwed anyway. It makes me mad — and sad.

One thought on “Discarded

  1. “little Obama” – I like it. It’s like those guys that drive the big ass jacked up trucks, the de-engineered suburban assault vehicles (YICTP)… they got no dick.

    Just another squaw.

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