4 thoughts on “Iraq war redux

  1. It’s because our parents are feeding us Truth Cheetos while we sit around the basement in our jammies.
    No, wait. It’s because we are from the planet Krypton, and we can see through steel walls.
    I know! It’s because we don’t have access to the Pentagon! And we have lunch at McDonald’s, not K Street.

  2. It’s because we learned our history (and learned FROM our history), most of, contrary to popular belief, paid attention in school, we’re curious about what the REAL “bad guys” are up to and we have actual HEARTS beating in our chests that point our moral compasses in the correct direction!

  3. We’re just oppositional and defiant* and say the opposite of what we are told just to be difficult.

    * DSM IV 313.81 Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    Note: If a child’s problem behaviors do not meet the criteria for Conduct Disorder, but involve a pattern of defiant, angry, antagonistic, hostile, irritable, or vindictive this mental disorder of childhood may be diagnosed. These children may blame others for their problems.

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