If you prick corporations, do they not bleed?

Corporations are people, my friend,” says Mitt Romney, who looks like a middle-aged Ken doll and acts like he has an industrial coolant coursing through his veins. A people expert, no doubt. His valiant defense of the ruling class didn’t play well with some Iowans…

6 thoughts on “If you prick corporations, do they not bleed?

  1. What’s more foolish than Mitt is Democratic (?) president Obama calling on Congress yesterday to pass the free trade agreements with So. Korea and Columbia. “We can do this. They’re already teed up,” said he. What makes Obama think that his free trade agreements will not result in millions of jobs leaving America just like Clinton’s NAFTA has?

  2. Well, according to our government, law and society they ARE people, legally the same as you and me. Except that they are designed to assemble financial wealth and to seek to maximize their own interest while being insulated as “limited liability corporations” from having to feel any negative consequences of their decisions. In psychological terms, this makes them sociopathic monsters with no empathy who cannot feel the pain they inflict on others in the course of their self-seeking . In other words, from the point of view of people like Romney, they are actually people, just like us.

  3. TAX THE CORPORATIONS MORE, call John Boehner @1-202-225-0600. No one has ever seen a corporation. Corporations are artificial entities, described on paper, to garner wealth, and AVOID TAXES. Time to close that loophole.

  4. In the wake of Citizens United, President Obama should direct the IRS to tax corporations as individuals.
    We will be amazed at how fast CU gets overturned.

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