2 thoughts on “Harder faster longer!

  1. Look at all the troubled, nearly bankrupt corporations whose (that’s right, “whose.” Corporations are people. Mitt Romey said so.) problems all were solved by cutting jobs. Works every time. Every. Single. Time.

    Dig up, people. Up.

  2. Austerity would make no sense if they are trying to help the country, and anyone can see that. They are not trying to help the country. They are trying to crush the country and break down any structure of support and security that the people have provided for themselves. They want to break down and atomize our society and make people helpless, sick and totally insecure so they can be dominated and exploited. The will make us poor, then lend us money, and once we are in debt they use the debt to control us. This is why their agenda is to break unions, break pensions and break any kind of public health system. Its a classic form of imperial exploitation going back to the Roman Empire.

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