4 thoughts on “Juan Cole

  1. And how is Perry worse than Obama? Obama talks and talks and talks and everything gets worse and worse and worse. Obama’s foreign policy is no different than Bush’s was with the wars continuing, Gitmo still operating and Isreal still occupying Palestine. Obama’s domestic policy is the same with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The plantations overseer, Mr. Obama, has lost his mojo and is no longer able to whip the Left into submission. Cole knows that.

  2. Yeah – it’s pretty much over for politics as a viable means of progressive (or liberal) change any more.
    This next election will be between Republicans only – and i include Obama in that mix due to his record, policies and actions (or lack thereof).

  3. Yeah, and Perry’s state has the most minimum wage workers, the most uninsured, one of the most screwed – up public school systems in the country, and he gets elected and re-elected.

    It seems to me that there are lot of people-unemployed, underemployed, African-American, Latino, left, liberal, whatever, who DON’T GET that the secret to democracy is, in the words of Pogo, “VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN!”

    Just show up, people. Not every four years, every goddamn year, and every primary and schoolboard election in between.


    Just show up.

    You can laugh at the Tea Partiers all you like, but what basically happened in 2010 was that they showed up and we didn’t-despite knowing the threat they posed-and they won.

    We wouldn’t “settle” for the lesser of two evils, and what we got the greater.

    Big surprise!

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