2 thoughts on “What would you do with YOUR 12K?

  1. I’d use it cover all the things I need because what I have now are falling apart after 20 or so years: A new refrigerator, a microwave, an office chair for desk, a TV (replace the 10 year old Sony I got in 2005 through Freecycle, and whose color tubes have been dying), a new computer and newer software so I can start a business, and then maybe some new clothes.

  2. Maybe to find out what’s wrong with the State Department and why Hillary may be the worst Secretary of State in history. On August 9, Samer Allawi, the Afghanistan bureau chief of Al-Jazeera, was arrested in the West Bank by the Israelis. On August 13 Warren Weinstein a director of J.E. Austin and Associates, and an American Jew, was kidnapped in Pakistan. Do you suppose that Hillary sees any connection between these two events? She alraedy got one American Jew locked up in Cuba so you think she’d learn after all these years.

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