Let’s see. I live three blocks from the Delaware River and the ground is already saturated from a week of rain… should be fun! They’re predicted a second landfall in NJ for Sunday:

(CNN) — The entire eastern coast of the United States should prepare for Irene, a large and dangerous hurricane churning northwestward over the tropical waters of the Caribbean, the nation’s emergency chief warned Tuesday.

At 8 p.m. ET, the National Hurricane Center said the winds in Irene remained unchanged from its previous update, at 90 mph, making the storm a Category 1 hurricane. However, the reduction is expected to be only temporary, and Irene is still forecast to become a Category 3 event, a major hurricane, by Wednesday night or Thursday, the center said.

Irene was moving through the southern Bahamas and will pass very near or over the Turks and Caicos islands later Tuesday night, CNN Senior Meteorologist Dave Hennen said early Tuesday evening.

The storm could threaten the North Carolina coast on Saturday and is likely to continue to be a hurricane all the way into New England as it moves along or over the northeast coast, Hennen said.

Widespread damage is possible from coastal Carolina all the way up to the Canadian Maritimes, including the major cities of the Northeast, Hennen said.

Conditions continue to be favorable for Irene to intensify to a major hurricane, a Category 3 or higher, with 110 mph winds or stronger, as it moves through the Bahamas on Thursday and passes just east of Nassau and Freeport, Hennen said.

But Craig Fugate, the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, noted that Irene’s exact path cannot be predicted this far out.

The storm, he said, will affect a large area.

“People think hurricanes are a Southern thing but people in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast need to take Irene seriously,” Fugate said. “We have a lot of time for people to get ready but we don’t have forever.”

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  1. Speaking of hurricanes Israel is at it again while the Zionist in the White House is playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard. Israel has been deliberately provoking the Palestinians and others into acts of violence ever since Netanyahu’s failed Likud government drove Israelis into the streets to protest his austerity program. The Zionists are now and have always been skilled liars and master illusionists. It’s too bad that Obama is one of them.

  2. (I would send you to my brother’s, but he’s outside of D.C. and he’s a republican. I don’t think it would work.)

  3. I think that within a day or so I will get a few days worth of food supplies. Not necessarily milk and bread (don’t drink much milk anymore) but the other things I’ve been buying every other day. Even though my grocery store is a very short walk, trying to walk in heavy rain or hurricane conditions isn’t nice.

  4. I have a giant water cooler I’m going to fill up (instead of buying bottled water) and right before the storm hits, I’ll throw in a bag of ice. Plus I’ll pick up some batteries and some canned food.

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