Straight talk on SS? Sanders stands alone

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, makes passionate statements in support of working people then backs them up with legislation such as a bill that would strengthen Social Security without cutting benefits.

2 thoughts on “Straight talk on SS? Sanders stands alone

  1. I call bullshit. He knows he’s never going to get any of his own legislation passed. And he never lifts a finger to *actually* filibuster anything. He should. He should call for a filibuster to put the colleagues with whom he caucuses on record. All it took to stop unemployment insurance extensions dead in their tracks was one Senator. One. Senator Jim Bunning.

    Has Bernie Sanders done anything more than a “symbolic” filibuster? No. There’s so much he could stop, but he doesn’t. He never does. And he never will. He’s like some nonvoting contingent from a colony from halfway across the world. The republicans pull out all the stops, play all the dirty tricks, use any parliamentary procedure to threaten, steal, bribe, coerce, or collude their policies and legislative agenda into being.

    But in Washington there are only two parties–Republicans and Weimar Republicans. Put up or shut up Senator Sanders.

  2. Hey Jay. Start reading Zizek if you aren’t already.

    Sanders is a”floating sign”, a masking sign for the dems for the long ago dead radical liberals. He is the ghost of Xmas past.

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