3 thoughts on “Yay

  1. I’ve become so deeply cynical that I even question if this is true. If it really is at it appears then this is awesome to the nth degree.

    What will Monsanto do, I wonder. Sick the United States military on Hungary? A drone bomb here and there, perhaps?

    So you do see how deeply cynical I’ve become about some things. I also read recently that the frankencorn isn’t faring very well against Mother Earth after all. I like that.

  2. I even bought two small bags of Fritos today. Made with frankencorn. Most common things with any corn product in it is made from frankencorn. Do you know how much corn we use? Of course, Monsanto lobbies against laws that would require labeling as GMO aka frankenfood. They’ve won that part of it, apparently, along with a few other things. I can’t even.

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