2 thoughts on “Dumb question of the day

  1. Simple solution for the day – don’t insure them (or make the premiums cost prohibitive). First time they get wrecked and the insurance companies don’t bail their scrawny asses out, they won’t build there anymore.

  2. John ‘Mr. Libertarian’ Stossel revealed years ago on the ABC show “20/20” that he had a expensive beachfront home that he enjoyed retiring to when he wasn’t excoriating ‘freeloaders’ and welfare recipients supping at the gov’t trough. The sticky part was, he couldn’t get private insurance on the high-priced property, so it was sure a good thing that Uncle Sucker would insure his vacation home, which had been knocked down and rebuilt by taxpayer money several times while John owned it. With a big smile, Stossel said he loved the place so much, and the insurance payments were so cheap, he wouldn’t give it up, rank hypocrisy be damned. That’s the true face of the modern Libertarian/Republican, and I’m just glad Stossel is now fading into oblivion on the little-watched Fox Business Channel. Few are more deserving of this fate.

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