5 thoughts on “The Catskills

  1. Well, in the sense that television weather coverage screamed and sensationalized the whole event, it was “hyped”. I checked in a couple of times a day with Jeff Masters at Wunderblog. No hype, just facts and warnings without all the fireworks and bullshit. Watching television weather coverage is usually panic-inducing.

  2. It’s not hype, when you’re hanging onto a tree chest deep in raging flood waters. It’s not hype, when high winds knock over a tree onto your car and crushes you. Maybe instead of calling “hype,” people should count their blessings that they’re not one of the dead.

  3. Oops, susie. I just read the earlier post about Katia which is from wunderblog. That’ll teach me to skip over things.

  4. Ron, I just don’t prefer weather coverage that makes you pee your pants before anything has happened yet. That bad stuff may happen
    and it’s a terrible tragedy when it does, but I’ll deal with it if, and when, it happens, and try to be as prepared and cautious as possible in the meantime.

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