Uh oh

I kind of figured they were hiding something here. I hope some reporters investigate this. From warisacrime.org:

This was forwarded to me by a trusted friend from another trusted friend who spoke with someone whose neighbor’s daughter works at North Anna, the nuclear plant in Virginia, not far from last week’s earthquake.

No, that’s not three confirmed sources, but I am writing a book, working jobs, and organizing a conference. Take the following for what it’s worth, and please do the reporting.

“During the quake the administration building buckled. White steam began pouring our of the stacks. There is chaos at the power station. __________ said that two NY Times reporters are investigating – ________ and ____________. He wants to get a Geiger counter and take readings near the plant. He also said that when they were first building the plant some W & M professors told them it was not safe to build it on the fault. I will let you know what else I hear.”

What do you mean? Nuclear power is perfectly safe! Look how well it held up through the storm!

3 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. Except that Obama couldn’t care less how unsafe or expensive to build nuclear power plants are. He needs the campaign bucks from energy industry insiders. He does not need the bloody enviornmentalists nipping at his $500 dollar loafers.

  2. I think that we are in another one of those “The cat’s on the roof” situations here like the one in Japan. Everything’s fine, except, some little thing. And every few days another little thing. At Fukushima, the latest reports are showing that the most significant damage was done by the earthquake itself before the tsunami. The earthquake shaking broke pipes in the cooling system, so the reactors were already overheating before the wave hit and the power went off. IN Virginia they are giving the impression that all is OK because they kept the backup power. But nobody is mentioning whether there was internal damage to the buildings or the cooling system. If somebody really saw steam, it could meant that pipes were broken here as well. Yesterday there was a report that maybe the tremors were stronger than reported and actually closer or exceeding the safety rating of the plant. Now this today. Stayed tuned for something else tomorrow.

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