2 thoughts on “The only way they can win

  1. It will cost between $16 and $20 billion to repair Irene’s damage. That is what it cost to fight the war in Afghanistan for 2 months. So Cantor would rather kill (not to be confused with aborting the lives of thousands) the people of Afghanistan before he finds the money to help flooded out American’s right here in the good old USA? ALL Republicans holding any public office must be voted out in 2012. Obama must stay.

  2. Voter suppression and vote-processing fraud are why the Repugs (a minority party) have the power that they do.
    Bush stole both of his elections, Jim Bunning probably lost his last race, Max Cleland was the victim of vote flipping, etc.
    But the Dems don’t seem to think that correcting this is a high enough priority for them.

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