Firefighting is for big-government sissies

Here’s my theory: Rick Perry was in New York City once and saw grown men wearing rain gear and hanging on big red trucks, and he said, “Shoot, not one more dime for this in Texas, I don’t care if the whole state burns down…

3 thoughts on “Firefighting is for big-government sissies

  1. Personally I’m all for giving Texas back to Mexico. But then again I am a proponent for a wall… from Eureka California to Eureka Montana, as there is nothing east of The Rocky Mountains we need.

    With thirty-five (35) fires burning within fifty (50) miles of where I sit, my son out there fighting those fires and I myself having fought numerous fires, I can’t think of a bigger disconnect. You folks have had your fair share of extreme weather these past couple of years but at least extreme weather leaves something salvageable behind. A conflagration is truly “scorched earth”, leaving nothing behind.

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